# Pinterest Screenshot bookmarklet The __Pin Screenshot__ bookmarklet allows you to post a screenshot of the current page to Pinterest. To [install the bookmarklet](https://raw.github.com/dergachev/pin-screenshot-bookmarklet/gh-pages/installation-screencast.gif), drag the following link to your bookmark toolbar:
Pin Screenshot
![Screenshot for pin-screenshot.bookmarklet.js](https://raw.github.com/dergachev/pin-screenshot-bookmarklet/gh-pages/screencast.gif) Requires separate method to upload your screenshot to the web; in the GIF I use [Copy Public URL](https://github.com/dergachev/copy-public-url). ## How to use it * Go to a page you'd whose screenshot you want to pin * Take screenshot and upload online (perhaps using my github.com/dergachev/copy-public-url) * Click on the "Pin Screenshot" bookmarklet * Paste in the screenshot image URL * Press enter * Create pin in popup window ## Get the source code To get the source code, visit github.com/dergachev/pin-screenshot-bookmarklet For development purposes, the following bookmarklet injects `http://localhost:9092/pin-screenshot.bookmarklet.js`: Pin Screenshot Localhost Fork me on GitHub